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  • City of Allentown, Lehigh County


  • Installed a High Performance Chip Seal followed by a Grip Tight Fog Seal to various City Streets.


  • High Performance Chip Seal with a Grip Tight Fog Seal
    A High Performance Chip Seal utilizes a hard, durable, cubical and single size aggregate which allows for higher application rates of asphalt and the ability to sweep the surface within 24 hours. Immediately after the surface is swept a high application of Grip Tight Fog Seal is applied to the surface.
city-of-allentown-high-performance-chip-seal-image-1 city-of-allentown-high-performance-chip-seal-image-2 city-of-allentown-high-performance-chip-seal-image-3 city-of-allentown-high-performance-chip-seal-image-4


  • Higher Asphalt application rate provides longer life cycle
  • Sweeping and removal of excess aggregate within 24 hours of placement
  • Superior sealing / waterproofing of the surface
  • Product can be placed on higher ADT roads and residential streets without complaints
  • Surface macro texture is highly skid resistant and aesthetically pleasing
  • Specification provides municipality with a tool to eliminate the problems associated with conventional “Penn DOT Spec” chip seals and the problems with poor quality contractors
  • Pavement Markings can be installed within 48 hours and contrast well on rich black color
  • Open texture created by cubical aggregate allows for an inexpensive future maintenance of a Grip Tight Fog Seal to be applied

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